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José Ruiz, Construction Director.


“There is increasing awareness of the result of our actions on the environment that surrounds us, something that Alexander Von Humboldt already sensed at the end of the 18th century, very well described in the book“ The Invention of Nature ”by Andrea Wulf, who highly recommend.

Sustainable construction begins in the design, prioritizing the coherent integration of the projects in the environment, energy efficiency, the choice of sustainable construction materials, of local origin, from non-polluting sources, recycled, that do not contain toxic elements and that are easily reusable.

Construction processes must also be sustainable, prioritizing waste management, reducing transport demands, industrializing processes, dry assembly systems, optimizing production and reducing energy consumption.

It is our obligation to take care of our environment. Now more than ever, our commitment to sustainable construction of buildings and infrastructures must be firm ”.

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